We are excited to learn that more and more people are experiencing the new Siremix EM sound technology, people think this is awesome, powerful and they are greatly excited about it! The greatest value we offer to everyone is that generally speaking one get 10 times the sound quality more than the sound quality he/she usually get base on investing on a relatively low cost stereo system. With traditional sound system you must spend something between $5500 – $7500 in order to get similar sound produced from Siremix PC HiFi, now purchase one Siremix PC HiFi – Player Unit (available from our online store) together with one Harmon Soundsticks III and Audioengine A2+, you instantly set up a $7500 worth sound system at home! This had been proven by many people, these people includes years long HiFi Enthusiastics, musicology professors, musicians and people from all walks of lifes.