Turn EMX digital music into superior audio output


Endpoint Mixing (EM) is a patented great new invention, a fundamental change to audio technology

Superior sound quality

View high ROI (Return On Investment) for your audio system

Unique 3D Sound Space – multiple layers of sound created in front of listener

Great width, layers of sound, true live performance and immersive experience

Breakthrough the limitations of traditional “King Seat”, now you can listen to great music anywhere you want

Stylish aluminum alloy case, symmetric outlook, dual system design

Easy to setup, easy to use

Free EMX digital music player software

Free online conversion service and free EMX usage license

Siremix JBMV7A is the first audio product in the world that support the leading edge Endpoint Mixing (EM) sound technology. With Siremix you may enjoy unprecedented 3D sound with superior sound quality, highly realistic life performance and immersive experience, and unique sound space reproduced at your listening environment mimicking the original performance stage acoustics. This is all because of utilizing Siremix JBM serious of product, connecting to two stereo systems (4 speaker altogether) and the patented EMX encoding/decoding scheme.

With Siremix’s unique and ground breaking EM audio technology, one can use average speakers to get extraordinary high quality sound experience. This is because Siremix’s EM technology is able to do the magical sound quality boosting process, so sound quality is superior, accurate, with great depth, yet the total cost of ownership is only a small fraction of high-end HiFi system. With Siremix you get high end audio entertainment with an unbelievable low price.

Siremix Advantages

  • EM is a great new invention
    • A fundamental change to audio technology
    • Much better than most advanced audio technologies – Stereo, 5.1 Surround, DTS, Dolby etc
  • Superior sound quality
  • High ROI
  • 3D Sound Space – multiple layers of sound created in front of you
    • Width
    • Depth and Layers of Sound
    • True Live Performance, Immersive Experience
  • Breakthrough “King Seat”, all angle are good sound, and many angle hear different sound
  • Physical characteristics – to accompany the main characteristics of requiring two stereo system for extraordinary sound quality, the physical design of the product is stylish aluminum alloy case (in black color), symmetric outlook such that there is no upper nor lower side because any horizontal face can be upper or lower face, and the electronics are being made as identical dual systems each embedded in one of the two aluminum compartments.


  • LAN – 100 M bps fast data transfer, for delivery music file into Siremix JBMV7A from any digital devices including PC, NAS, etc
  • Two Audio line out to Stereo Amplifiers, each for two separate stereo system, one for the front, another for rear

Ease of Use

  • Does not require designated audition position, completely removed “King Seat” requirement. By practicing EM theory, the traditional “King Seat” requirement is completely removed. With the level 1 EM products (i.e. SIREMIX), audiences has complete freedom to select any position at the listening back end. Everyone is happy to receive high level of listening entertainment, best and most comfortable seat of their own choice.
  • Arza easy to use Music Player interface
  • Control music playback from anywhere via WiFi connection (via Arza software)
  • Easy to setup
  • Free EMX convertor, free EMX license
  • Free Arza EM Music Player

Audio Quality

  • Key Characteristics
    • Sound accurate, and solid
    • Superior sound quality
    • Depth of sound, layers of sound
  • 3D Sound Imaging
    • Benefit of four speaker system
    • True Live Performance
    • Surround Sound Effect
  • Sound Quality Booster
    • Boost up existing Stereo system sound quality by N folds
  • Superior Sound Quality and here is the main characteristics 
    • High degree of wide angle of listening
    • Multitude of sound layers
    • High quality, crystal clear sound
    • Solid musical instrument presentations
  • Measurements
    • Dual 16 bits playback – Dual-16 bits/44.1 KHz
    • Full Dynamic Range

High Return on Investment

For decades, the audio industry has been making audio equipment at a high cost because stereo (and surround like) dictates high manufacturing cost. However, due to this complete new way of constructing sounds using new method and this new set of technologies, the overall cost to make high quality sound (i.e. HiFi) drastically reduces.

In other words, the Return on Investment (ROI) for the SIREMIX sound system is very high. Generally speaking one get up to ten times the sound quality more than the sound quality he/she usually get base on investing on a relatively low cost stereo system.

Furthermore, due to the removal of “King Seat” requirement, it let more audiences enjoy high quality sound at the same time, causing the investment to an audio system more economical should a SIREMIX sound system is used by many people at the same time in the listening environment.


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Our Promises

We are working on new development to always makes things better, here are the work-in-progress

  • Andriod support
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod support
  • Support loseless format (e.g. FLAC, ALAC) convert to EMX
  • Premium EMX conversion service

Siremix JBM2 Operating Environment

  • 10/100BaseT or Gigabit Ethernet, two network ports are required for wired connection with Siremix
  • WiFi Access is recommended for PC running Arza EMX Music Player
  • Siremix must be connected to the same router with PC running Arza EMX Music Player, or they should be on the same subnet

Arza EMX Music Player Software System Requirement

  • Windows 7 or above

EMX File Convertor Software System Requirement

  • Windows 7 or above
  • Internet access is required during conversion, in order to access SIR’s cloud server

Siremix JBM2 Technical Specifications

  • CPU: ARM Cortex A7 dual-core CPU
  • RAM: 1GB [email protected]
  • Storage: 4GB NAND Flash
  • Analog Audio Output: High quality stereo audio DAC; Up to 100dB SNR during DAC playback; The DAC sound module support up to 192KHz sampling rate
  • HDMI Output (for future upgrade): HDMI 1.4 1080p; Support up to 1920×1200 @30fps
  • Network Port: 100 Mbps; Comply with IEEE 802.3-2002 standard
  • Power Supply: 5V 2A external power supply
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty