Q & A

Q: What is the difference between EM and Stereo?

A: The main difference is the sound quality such that you can enjoy High Fidelity (HiFi) sound at a very low price because EM use a complete new method to make audio systems. Besides, EM gives most advanced users, HiFi enthusiastics, professional musicians, music lovers and everyone else a complete new dimension of 3D sound entertainment. Everyone can find good reasons why EM meet their needs simply as you get highest possible sound quality for your existing digital library with one tenth the usual price, professionals will love it because EM gives them a new dimension, fun and creativity to create 3D music never before, and even the most demanding ears will be stunned because EM push any music listening experience beyond the limit of any existing audio technology (e.g. stereo and surround sound music) which gives the best sound experience that was never heard in one’s life before. Check it out, our product is available for your purchase and you can listen to discover the new era of EM; while you are risk free for you can return to us anytime you want within 30 days after purchase.