A main characteristics of EMX Technology is the ability to make superior sound quality at low cost, and the unique 3D sound listening experience. However, many people found using two stereo speakers are enough for high quality sound. This is true for many years since the dawn of invention of stereo in mid twentieth century, but with the advance of Endpoint Mixing (EM), the idea completely change the rule of game because EM relies on multiple speakers to make the difference. Theoretically, there should be three speakers, but since stereo system is the most accessible equipment, therefore Siremix is designed to take two stereo system, i.e. four speakers, to make EM playback. This is only the minimal. Along the development of EM technology, more speakers (yet low cost) may be added to create even better sound and 3D effect.

We have been testing many stereo system combinations, and although Siremix products are laboratory proven to be able to make good sound using arbitrary stereo system combinations, we do created a reference checklist for customers to maximize their listening pleasures while minimizing their investment, hence, here we had presented you the “SIR Authorized Speaker Set” for your own benefit. The following is one of which:

At this time, there is one Authorized Speaker Set stated as follow:

– Audioengine, model A2+, with speaker stand

– Harman Kardon, model Soundsticks III, or Soundsticks Wireless

Please visit the official web site of these products to purchase individual speakers.

Audioengine is registered trade mark of Audioengine Ltd. Harmon and its product name Soundsticks are registered trade mark of Harmon Kardon Co. Ltd.


Endpoint Mixing (EM) is patent pending internationally. EM is a fundamental change to audio technology, completely build up a new sound technology from the ground up. EM creates sound images at different three dimensional position in the listening environment unlike any existing audio technology – Stereo, Surround Sound and etc. By practicing EM audio technology, one can creates superior sound quality using relatively low cost digital audio equipment. And the recording, distribution of these new 3D sound technology would make great impact to the music world for decades ahead because it breaks all rules – a new dimension enabling sound making more creatively – it also change the way music are being distributed, and listened too.

Note, Due to the license agreement of producing EM products we receive, the policy dictate us to do online cloud server conversion only. This is indirect, and there is currently no on-the-fly conversion from audio line sources, nor on-the-fly conversion from common format e.g. MP3, FLAC to EMX. All sound sources — CD, MP3, line sources etc. — much first be converted / recorded into a computer file and then be converted to EMX for playback on Siremix products.


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EM’s very unique 3D Sound Imaging capability creates highly realistic life performance sound effect that gives the audience an immersive experience of being there, close to the performing stage. Furthermore, audience have the freedom to choose which angle they like to listen to the music.

Different sound images forms at different 3D coordinates play at the same time gives you total new sound experience, for example, playing music of a rock band, you hear vocal sound in a narrower front middle space slightly above the front speaker that gives audience a sense of getting very close facing and listening to their favorite music stars, while guitars found in the middle space, and finally sound of bass guitar and drum set goes all the way at the back covering much wider area.

While the audience choose to move around the space in front of the SIREMIX sound system, he/she may hear different sounds at different horizontal and/or vertical listening angles. Hence, SIREMIX gives audience limitless varieties of entertainment per each song.