Market Survey Report

  • 17 people selected randomly from all walks of life. Age range from 9-63. Some good ear, some poor ear, some knowledgeable with HiFi others know nothing and pay no attention to HiFi at all.
  • Result is everyone like EM more than Stereo, most people think it is better, many of them think it is much better.
  • Most people think the price should be 4000-5999 RMB, but two of them (one of which are much knowledgeable about HiFi pricing) think should be 6000-7999 RMB. Our price in HK is 7800 HKD (6160 RMB) hence is a reasonable price for most people.
  • The comparing stereo speaker is Audioengine A2+, authoritive PC Magazine rated the world best 10 PC speaker in Aug 2014, Audioengine A2+ hits the place number 6 on the list. (Note, these speakers price range from 2000 to 7000 RMB).

In Addition,

  • Salesman at a high end AV shop in Hong Kong shown interest to buy after professional audio test.
  • Another 20+ people informally listened and many shown great excitement about EM, they include Musicology professor, HiFi enthusiastic, and musician.