Endpoint Mixing (EM) is a new and ground breaking audio technology. EM has a number of major differences from stereo or surround sound music, such that, EM does not require designated audition position for best sound quality, no theoretical limitation regarding the number of speakers used, for providing best sound quality, high fidelity (commonly called HiFi), high realism, and new and unique listening experiences.

Applications of EM include but not limit to:

  • Audio playback
  • Video playback
  • Video gaming
  • Virtual reality



Inspired by the Holy Bible, EM is a theory to make sound in a more natural way. Combining digital music, Internet, distributed computing, robotics, automation, sound recording, audio mixing, and the power of social media and the idea of sharing, EM is providing unprecedented 3D sound experience and ever improving digital entertainment to everyone on earth.



Multiple levels of EM technology development is underway at our laboratory. The first level EM product is SIR flagship product name SIREMIX, scheduled to start shipping products in June 2015.

Provided by a company name Sub-Intelligence Robotics (SIR) Corporation, SIREMIX is a four speakers EM system that requires all speakers to be placed at fix position and music playbacks using a new audio file encoding format name EMX [1].

SIREMIX gives high-end HiFi sound quality, unique multiple layers sound image formation at the front direction two speakers close to the audience at the front, and another two speakers at the rear position. This creates superb sound quality, fantastic 3D effect, and highly realistic life performance sound experience. All these results are due to SIREMIX’s full implementation of layer 1 core technology components of EM. Furthermore:

  • SIREMIX is the first product in the world which is able to playback music in EM manner.
  • Most suitable for Classical, Pop, Electronica, Live performance recordings, Band, Rock, Jazz and any other major music styles.
  • SIREMIX supports any MP3 CD quality (i.e. 16 bits/44.1KHz) sound file playback as EMX after conversion. That means any music can play on SIREMIX at much higher sound quality and unique live performance effect and gives users unique 3D sound experience.
  • SIREMIX comes with free edition of EM music player PC software called Arza. Arza runs on Windows platform and is able to control SIREMIX on the same network. [2]

The goal of this Level 1 EM product is to enable any existing music to be carried on to a decent EM system. Any existing music may be converted into EMX format through SIR’s cloud server and these EMX files can playback and listen on a SIREMIX product. Currently user should go through this conversion process in order to create their own copy of EMX music files, and there is no target date to have EMX music website nor streaming service for people to directly listen to or download EM music files from the Internet. SIR is currently working on this and will give further announcement in near future.

In short summary, there are four SIREMIX new characteristics:

  • Audition Position
  • 3D Sound Images Formation
  • Highly Realistic Life Performance Sound Experience
  • Superb Sound Quality, and very high ROI


SIREMIX New Characteristics 1 – Audition Position

By practicing EM theory, the traditional “King Seat” requirement is completely removed. With the level 1 EM products (i.e. SIREMIX), audiences has complete freedom to select any position at the listening back end.

Everyone is happy to receive high level of listening entertainment, best and most comfortable seat of their own choice.


SIREMIX New Characteristics 2 – 3D Sound Images Formation

Different sound images forms at different 3D coordinates play at the same time gives you total new sound experience, for example, playing music of a rock band, you hear vocal sound in a narrower front middle space slightly above the front speaker that gives audience a sense of getting very close facing and listening to their favorite music stars, while guitars found in the middle space, and finally sound of bass guitar and drum set goes all the way at the back covering much wider area.


SIREMIX New Characteristics 3 – Highly Realistic Life Performance Sound Experience

EM’s very unique 3D Sound Imaging capability creates highly realistic life performance sound effect that gives the audience an immersive experience of being there, close to the performing stage. Furthermore, audience have the freedom to choose which angle they like to listen to the music.

While the audience choose to move around the space in front of the SIREMIX sound system, he/she may hear different sounds at different horizontal and/or vertical listening angles. Hence, SIREMIX gives audience limitless varieties of entertainment per each song.


SIREMIX New Characteristics 4 – Superb Sound Quality, and very high ROI

Due to this complete new way of constructing sounds using new method and new set of technologies, the overall cost to make high quality sound (i.e. HiFi) drastically reduces.

In other words, the Return on Investment (ROI) for the SIREMIX sound system is very high. Generally speaking one get up to ten times the sound quality more than the sound quality he/she usually get base on investing on a relatively low cost stereo system. In addition, the removal of “King Seat” requirement let more audiences enjoy high quality sound at the same time, causing the investment to an audio system more economical if SIREMIX sound system is frequently used by many people at the same time in the listening environment.



Endpoint Mixing brings the world a whole new era of music production processes, a new dimension for creating music, a new way of creating sound images in three dimension, and provides many different new ways for musician and hobbyist to collaborate online.



Development is underway to provide second and higher levels of EM products, characteristics of these higher level EM products are highly anticipated:

  • Sound experience raises greatly while going up to each new EM level
  • New sound characteristics
  • Multi-room, Streaming and integrate with Smart Home and various electronic products
  • Integrate with Virtual Reality headset, e.g. Oculus Rift DK2, Samsung Gear VR



[1] EMX is a proprietary file format, and use of computer file in EMX format is subject to EM patent usage license.

[2] Support of non-PC platforms including iOS, Android and MacOS are scheduled, details will be announced.