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About Siremix

Siremix is a German limited liability company based in Berlin. Established in 2015 its mission is to bring happiness to every customer with our cutting edge audio products, specifically our invention Endpoint Mixing® audio technology. Since our products use this breakthrough audio software algorithm instead of costly electronic components to produce high-quality sound, therefore we can offer our customers the most cost-effective top-tier audio solutions.

Besides, Endpoint Mixing® utilises its unique and patented sound reproduction principles to create 3D sound space in front of the audience, giving the audience a high level of immersive experience. Therefore it is most suitable for VR, gaming, movie, and video conference use cases.

Our current product is the Emx software, designed for use with the Windows® PC, and we are currently developing hardware products that do not require a computer. Our goal is to make EM available everywhere and provides high-quality sound experiences as a major benefit for everyone.

This new audio technology is bound to transform music and entertainment experiences. Raising music and entertainment production, performance and listening to a much higher level.


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