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Notice: During download and installation you may see Microsoft Smartscreen™ message, if you see that on your computer, do the following two simple steps to by-pass it. Smartscreen™ notify users the security level of apps they try to install. Siremix GmbH received Code Signing certificate from a Microsoft authorized supplier, proving that it is a genuine software product provided by Siremix GmbH. So rest assure it is safe to use the software downloaded here. The alert message only means the program you download is a new product.

How to By-pass Windows Message "Windows protected your PC .... More info. Or Don't run"

Windows utilizes Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Code Signing certificate to validate programs downloaded from the Internet in order to protect users from harmful program, Siremix GmbH support Microsoft to improve Internet security and had sucessfully acquired Code Siging Certificate from Sectigo, an Microsoft authorized supplier, however user will be troubled with a blue screen, the following is the simple instruction to by-pass the screen:

STEP ONE: Click on the "More info" button and you will see the followings:

You should see:
App: EmxSetup_2.3.1.msi
Publisher: Siremix GmbH
Make sure the second line says "Siremix GmbH" and click on the
[Run anyway] button located on the lower right corner and starts the setup.

Note that, in case you are using legacy Internet Explorer borwser you will see extra messages from SmartScreen™ repeating the same query to you during downloading stage, the same responses can address the download problem.

During installation, you have the option to view the Code Signing Certificate, following the link Windows provides and you will see the Code Signing certificate is issued by Setigo to Siremix GmbH. Setigo is a Code Signing certificate issuer trusted by Microsoft Windows Trusted Root Certificate store. Furthermore, company name, address and contact information of our company is inside the certificate too.

For users who has Antivirus software installed the Antivirus software will perform instant check and you will see a check box pop-up telling you the program is safe. The Antivirus software check Emx against known virus signatures in order to ensure no known virus infection. Furthermore, the Microsoft authorized certificate ensure integrity of the program you are downloading, which means the Emx program is not altered during transmission via the Internet.

Note that Microsoft Smartscreen™ is not an Antivirus software it does not help you to identify virus infection with an app, to check virus you need to use a Antivirus software.

For advanced user, if you need further confirmation of integrity use sha256 capable hash tool to verify the Emx setup program, here is how

Endpoint Mixing Patent information is posted on the front screen of the product due to international patent law obligation the information can found at the login page of EMX Client Software and is available anytime during logged out state.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you need any help.


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