We Believe In The Power Of Technology

At Siremix, we believe in the power of technology and we are doing everything possible to create the greatest product, as we believe great products can make a real difference to our world. With this spirit, we spent years developing the Endpoint Mixing® technology and its products.

What is inside the patent and its stunning facts

Our company founder Moses Wong believes our ears deserve to enjoy the better sound quality. The existing exorbitant sound systems are prohibitive to most of us. Inspired by playing Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) products he imagined a robotic multi-speaker system that could synchronize with each other playing sound in the listening environment like a music band coming alive in everyone’s living room. He then started off a series of experiments followed by breakthrough ideas one after another and eventually the Endpoint Mixing® technology was born.

Using a proprietary algorithm running on an inexpensive computer and at minimum four low-end speakers, the power revealed with unbelievable high-end sound quality with additional unique characteristics including close to reality teleportation sound experience, largely preserves the sound effects, feelings and emotions of attending music, movie and conference events, increases freedom for musicians to deliberately position sound objects at any given 3D coordinate, and many others.

This is soon found to be unprecedented, ground-breaking and even transformative to the audio industry. Invention patents had been issued by governments for the Endpoint Mixing® sound reproduction theory, techniques and speaker structure covering the global market. The unique standpoint is being recognized and established compared with major players such as Dolby® and DTS®. The key difference is our technology provides a Z-axis sound experience that breaks the limitations of stereo and surround wall-of-sound experience, turning into all dimensional sound space delivers a sense of realism and high-quality acoustic sound reproduction in one shot.

The technology is especially suited to VR and proved to be a very effective eliminator of the Simulator Sickness problem, and is a major change since the invention of stereophonic sound in the early twentieth century.


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