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About Us

Company History: Founded in Berlin in 2016, Siremix GmbH has rapidly evolved, driven by a passion for delivering happiness through our advanced audio products. Our pioneering technology, Endpoint Mixing®, has set new benchmarks for audio excellence, allowing us to provide high-quality sound cost-effectively.

Our Team: The team at Siremix GmbH is a diverse group of experts and passionate professionals dedicated to pushing the boundaries of audio technology and delivering unparalleled sound experiences.

Mission & Values: Our mission is to enrich lives with our innovative audio solutions. We are committed to creating happiness by offering cutting-edge technology that elevates everyday audio experiences while ensuring the best value for our customers.



Siremix GmbH established

Siremix was established in Berlin, Germany in the year 2016.


Ideation and patenting

Our journey from the initial concept to securing patents was marked by rigorous experimentation and innovation. Overcoming challenges, we transformed our visionary ideas into reality, culminating in receiving patents from the US, Japan, and the EU. This recognition, a testament to our scientific rigor and innovative spirit, underscores the global impact and originality of our work in audio technology.


Research, development and Productization

The focus was on research, development, and productization, turning passionate efforts and extensive research into tangible, market-ready products. This period saw the creation of the EndpointMix Sound Enhancer (model S305), a testament to our ability to bridge lab innovation with consumer needs. Following its launch, we concentrated on promotion, receiving widespread acclaim across diverse groups, from DJs to musicology professors, showcasing our product's wide-reaching impact and the value it brings to the audio world.

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