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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated AI Era

Our Services

Smicko AI

Smicko AI is a user-friendly personal assistant that changes how people interact with AI - understands your human-machine interactions and provides smart timely advice.

3D Sound for gamers and VR use

We invented new sound technology that gives VR gameplay a major boost in 3D sound realism and this patented sound tech Endpoint Mixing® also provides audiophile-grade sound quality at just a fraction of high-end audio pricing! Our software-based EM product is scheduled to launch by Feb 2024, stay tuned!

Immersive and High Fidelity Sound Experience

We've revolutionized how you experience sound in home theatre and virtual reality settings. Our new sound technology provides audiophile-grade sound quality and the world's best 3D sound. We are super proud to call this Immersive Hi-Fi. Our flagship EM Sound Processor product is scheduled to launch by Feb 2024. It is a small-footprint audiophile-grade amplifier that gives you unprecedented sound experience, 3D sound, and 10x cost savings.

We SIREMIX is your partner to help you navigate through the landscape and arrive at the best

We are your best tech partner

Come on in with us to try our unique products that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Whether you are an audiophile, gamer or people just need AI services in your every aspect of life, SIREMIX has something to offer you!

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